Conversion rate optimization services

Do you want to....

  • ...increase your conversion rates and revenue?
  • ...reduce the number of users who abandon your website or checkout?
  • ...improve the ROI of ad spend from campaigns allowing you to out-bid competitors?
  • ...generate more leads via optimized landing pages?
  • ...increase your average order value by optimizing your upsell and cross-sell?
  • ...improve your customer life-time value, retention and reducing churn?
  • ...map out the customer journey across all customer touch-points?
  • ...test and optimize your pricing models and find out what to charge?
  • ...improve your experiments time-to-market?.
  • ...create a culture of continuous optimization, so team members say “let’s test that”?
  • ...reduce the number of return shipments, costing you lots of money per year?

Answered yes? Great I can help. Let work alongside your team on growing your business through data-driven conversion rate optimization.

I am using the following techniques to grow my clients revenue - very successfully:

  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO), landing-page optimization
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Experiment strategizing
  • Hypothesis development
  • Personalization
  • UX/UI Design, wireframing
  • A/B Testing, multivariate testing and multipage testing
  • Data analysis
  • Heat mapping,  scroll mapping, session recordings, form analyses
  • User surveys, (exit) polls and customer research
  • User experience, including usability testing
  • Conversion focussed copywriting
  • Experiment development, front-end development
  • Shopping cart abandonment recovery
  • Mobile website optimization
  • Multi-channel optimization
  • CRO process design and getting internal buy-in

Who is doing this for you

I am Gijs Wierda (also know as Guy Wierda), a CRO specialist currently based in Groningen, The Netherlands. I’ve worked with dozens of leading digital businesses and agencies. I have hands-on experience with dozens of different companies in various industries such as travel, retail, insurance, lead-gen and SaaS.

About you

I work with business of all sizes, but my conversion rate optimization services are best matched with established businesses who:

  • Have the drive and mindset to be (very) serious about CRO.
  • Have an annual revenue of €1 million or more.
  • Have more than 30k users per month

If you’re an agency and have clients who want CRO – but you don’t have the knowledge, I could help. Agencies hire me to work white-label for their clients, contact me for more info.

It can be hard to buy and compare conversion rate optimization services.

Here’s the challenge: Most of the best CRO specialists are booked out months in advance, it’s hard to find people with the right skills and see through all the bluffing amateurs. I don't work with more than a few clients at the same time - so you can rest assured you'll get the best results. Currently I’ve got one spot left and then I will be fully booked.

What you should do next:

  • Contact me and let me know what your specific challenges are.
  • I analyze your business and see if we’ll be a good fit.
  • We'll have a call to discuss the next steps.

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